After School Study

After School Study

After School Supervised Study 


After School Study:

Due to the Covid pandemic after school study has been curtailed.

After school study schedule

For the commencement of the 2021/22 school year after school study is provide to examination students (3rd & 6th Year).

Students must abide by rules that pertain to study in the school rules. In particular they must:

  1. Be punctual, dress as for school and use assigned desk only.
  2. No communication with other students, verbal or non-verbal.
  3. No food or drinks, except water.
  4. No use of electronic devices including mobile phones.
  5. All absences should be excused by a parent or guardian.
  6. Students must attend full night study sessions.
  7. Students may not leave or arrive at the break without a note for the supervisor.
  8. Students have no permission to leave the school campus or study elsewhere in the school during study times.
  9. Students must not litter or loiter in the school corridors during breaks.
  10. Always cooperate with the study supervisor in a courteous and cooperative manner.
Application Forms for After School Supervised Study are available from the office or from Mr. Martin Maher.


After School Homework Support Club for First Year Students 

Homework club 

The aim of this club is to provide students with the opportunity to access help with their homework in a quiet and positive working environment with other students and with the assistance from a teacher for any subject/s they maybe finding difficult.

It is important that students make the most of this time by completing homework tasks and then working on study or general reading.  Teachers will also help students with their organisational and study skills during this time.

Attendance on a weekly basis is very important.  Teachers will stamp and sign the homework journal by way of recording attendance.  Places in the homework club are limited and if your child is not attending we will offer the place to another student.

A Homework Club is available 4 evenings a week, Monday to Thursday after school for one hour.