Deputy Principals Message

Education prepares students for life and work, change has now become routine the role of the school cannot be overlooked. We can respond to present day challenges by educating students to a high degree, students who are self-motivated, innovative, problem solvers and creative have at their disposal a ‘kit bag’ of skills. Leading futurist John Mahafie concludes that to be future ready students need to have both a love of learning and be skilled at learning,be good communicators, be open to and adaptable to change, be skilled in dealing with people, be self-aware and be able to set and meet goals. Here at CBS Thurles through our academic and co-curricular programmes students are given the opportunity to acquire these skills. Students are encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of the life of the school so that they can develop their talents and skills. It also gives students an opportunity to develop their leadership potential whether through team sports and games, the student or cairdre, or mentor system. All aspects of students’ development are catered for in our school with the result that we have built a strong community where all students are cared for and are helped reach their full potential. Respect is a tangible aspect of our day-to day activities and interactions and we respect the uniqueness of each child, we are proud of our students and look forward to their positive contribution to the school.

Education is, of course a partnership, a joint venture between school and home. One of the many corner stones of a successful school is the relationship between students, staff, parents and the local community. We value all partners in this relationship and strive to build on the solid rock which has already been laid down.

Ollie Kelly, Deputy Principal