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BT Young Scientists 2015

C.B.S. Young Scientist Entrants 2015.

Best of luck to this year’s C.B.S. entrants in the BT Young Scientist Competition. We are delighted to have four groups qualified this year representing our school. Each of our projects is exciting and fresh in their approach, reflecting the enthusiasm of the students involved.

Young Scientist

Cytherean Industries:  Tommy O Donnell and Michael O Callaghan develop a road map which provides solutions to our requirement of clean energy sources by developing the abundant resources available within our solar system. This highly developed and ambitious project charts the developments required and the suggested methods of exploiting these natural resources for the benefit of Earths ecosystems. Tommy and Michael provide a detailed account of the resources required and the stages necessary in order to allow humans to mine for natural resources on planets such as Mars and Venus and also closer to home the Moon.

Infinity Trainer:  Seán Ryan, Darragh Byrne and William Creedon study the uptake of sports in our school population, analyse participation rates and make some recommendations regarding possible overtraining. During the course of the project interesting patterns have emerged regarding the uptake of sport and the need for an injury management programme during periods of the year where preseasons and end of seasons may overlap for different sports.

Visualising better passwords:  Mark Fortune develops a new approach to the dreaded password. Mark investigates the use of pictures as an alternative to the brain scrambling eight character, number/ letter/symbol conundrum we endure on a daily basis. A very innovative project with a huge amount of effort invested with huge opportunities for application in life today.

Wise Buoys:  Jamie Stapleton, Paul Hennessy and James O Sullivan Develop their already successful life buoy project from last year’s Young Social Innovators Competition. This seemingly obvious application of modern mobile technology is testament to the students’ ingenuity.


We wish each of our students the best of luck in the competition and commend them for their hard work to date. The Young Scientist takes place in the RDS from the 7th to the 10th of January.