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YSI Winners 2016

CBS Thurles fly the Tipperary flag at YSI Finals  

On Tuesday last all roads led to City West hotel and conference centre for the finals of the Young Social Innovators finals of 2016. Over 5000 TY students from every corner of Ireland and a grouped visitors from Norway, came to witness the shortlisted teams battle out for the awards in different areas of social innovation. A number of Tipperary schools were shortlisted but it was one of the two CBS Thurles teams, Farmsense step-up which came away with the award for the best YSI step-up project for 2016. This is the fourth award in three years for CBS Thurles in the YSI finals, which is a fantastic achievement for the school and it's students.  



Farmsense began in 2015 and won the awards for social entrepreneurship and making the world safer. The concept was to create a sensor for tractors that could pick up people in the drivers blind spots. This project received the backing of many safety groups and the process of getting the Farmsense  sensor into production had begun. Last years team travelled to Seoul in South Korea to represent Ireland in the social entrepreneur Sage World Cup. Stepping up such a successful project was always going to be a difficult and onerous task but this never fazed the students who believed that they could follow in the foot steps of these boys and move this idea closer to becoming a reality.   

From the work completed last year these students realised that the motion sensor was not going to work efficiently and they moved on their research and development accordingly. The latest version qualified for the BT young scientist and at this event links were made with potential investors offering to help fund R&D. At the YSI speakouts in March this group convinced the judges that they were indeed on the right track and moving forward this project. Again on Tuesday last the caught the attention of the judges and secured the award for stepping up a project. The team is Colin Nolan, Barry McGrath, Jack Harty, Dylan Costello, Dylan Grace, Anthony McCarty and Jimmy Ryan.

  CBS Thurles also had a group in the making our world greener Category. Bee Aware are attempting to raise awareness of the falling number of Bees in Ireland and around the world due to our human practices. An alliance was made with Vendanta Lisheen Mines and together an area of bio diverse land is being made bee friendly to help grow and support a thriving bee population. This project got commended on their work.   Finally the social advocate team from the school presented in the Communities of Excellence area. This is for schools that have successful social innovation running in the school and the advocates encourage students across the school to work to help people less well off than themselves. The schools theme this year was Health and Well-being and the advocate team were presented with Certs and a plague for the work completed during the school year.