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iPad Apps

A collection of the best free educational apps a post primary level suitable for iPad :

ipadapps1.png Equate This! - Challenging single and multiplayer games focusing on addition & subtraction

ipadapps2.png Art - Excellent pocket art gallery. Includes quizzes, slideshows and search function.  

ipadapps3.png Maths Ref - Formulas, equations, notes and tips with multiple examples and images.

ipadapps4.pngGoogleBooks - Nearly 3 million free ebooks.             

ipadapps5.png Say Text - OCR scanner that allows you to scan text and then coverts it to audio.             

Google Maps - Learn about specific locations. High quality maps and multiple views.             

Evernote - Organise all of your notes, web clips, files and images.           

 Skitch - Take notes, edit and capture images, screen shots and other.             

ipadapps9.png Khan Academy – Biology 1 - A selection of teaching videos from this academy.             

Bacterial ID - Virtual lab Identify the different types of bacteria based on DNA sequences.           

Science House - A library of science lessons and videos featuring experiments.             

ArithmeTick – Maths Flash Cards

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