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School Self Evaluation

School Self Evaluation

School Self Evaluation (SSE) is a collaborative, reflective, inclusive process of internal school review. During SSE, the principal, deputy principal and teachers, under the direction of the board of management and the patron, and in consultation with the parents and pupils, engage in reflective enquiry on the work of the school.

School self-evaluation is primarily about school improvement and development.School self-evaluation enables schools:To take the initiative in improving the quality of education that they provide for their pupils.To affirm and build on what is working well.

To identify areas in need of development and to decide on actions that should be taken to bring about improvements in those areas.To report to the school community about the strengths in the work of the school and its priorities for improvement and development.

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School Self-Evaluation 2014-2017

School Improvement Plan 2014 -2017

1st Year Literacy Survery  

Helpful information for parents


 2018 towards 2020

Since September 2017 we have introduced the 'One Good Adult' programme where a teacher will be the one good adult and encourage and motivate a 6th year pupil as they face the Leaving Certificate year.  The role is a suportive one to support students in 6th year.

Our Student Support team meets every 2 weeks to provide support to students who rerquire assistance in all aspects of their life, not just school life.

On our SSE journey we are currenlty targeting previously set Numeracy aims in first cycle, and deciding on follow up steps.

We are also following up on our Literacy Policy, looking at targets set in first cycle and deciding on follow up steps.

Our focus for the next phase will be on teaching and Learning,

We have identified our first focus which will be based on the use of “learning intentions/success criteria” in the classroom.

This reflects the Looking at our schools (LOAS 2016) document under the domain of “learner outcomes”, and the standard “attain the stated learning outcomes for each subject, course and programme”.This also compliments our implementation of the new Junior Certificate, as all new subject specifications are presented through learning intentions.

The TL21 team has been meeting regularly in school and monthly in Kilkenny Education Centre to progress this.

A second year survey has been completed in November 2017 to get student feedback on the use of learning outcomes in the classroom.  The results of the surveyr can be viewed by clicking on the following link

2nd Year survey on Learning Intentions (2018)

Parent surveys were completed this year to provide information on parents views of students experiences.

Parents/guardians of 2nd year students survey

Parents/guardians of 5th year students survey

Wellbeing Student Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Following on from our Junior Cycle inservice training day, staff are currently looking at the area of Wellbeing and how to implement /embed it into our school and our subject plans.  From 2018/2019 it is our intention to have a wellbeing class timeabled for all junior cert classes.

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