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Literacy and Numeracy (SSE)

Literacy & Numeracy

The Strategy at CBS Thurles.

The National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy was launched by the Department of Education and Skills in July 2011.  It aims to create “a whole school commitment to achieve change and improvement” in literacy and numeracy over the 9 year period to 2020. Each teacher is responsible for this new strategy in their individual subject areas. 

What is Literacy?

Literacy includes the capacity to read, understand and critically appreciate various forms of communication including: spoken language, printed text, broadcast and digital media. 

What is Numeracy?

Numeracy is not limited to the ability to use numbers, to add, subtract, multiply and divide. It encompasses the ability to use mathematical understanding and skills to solve problems and meet the demands of day to day living and social settings.  For example, how mathematical skills can be used in cooking–weighing ingredients, calculating cooking times. 

What is the aim of the Strategy?

The strategy aims to ensure that every student including EAL and SEN  students, are able to speak, read, write and spell at a level that enables them to participate fully in education in the local, national and global communities in which they live.  It also endeavours to ensure that each child leaving school understands mathematics.

Information for Parents

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