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Exploring iPads

“ It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education … If we are to develop our students’ sense of curiosity, we must be mindful to carve out time to allow our students to inquire and explore.” — Albert Einstein

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Transformation of the education system requires that technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the curriculum and becomes the medium through which content is accessed and learning is assessed.

Increasing access to technology is essential for that future, and one of the learning tools of these twenty-first century students is mobile devices. The individual use of these devices is a way to empower students to reach their full potential and to prepare them for university and the workplace. According to studies and school reports, students who use a computing device in a one-to-one education environment are more organised and engaged learners, attend school more regularly, advance their knowledge and understanding of technology, and become constructors and designers of information and ideas. Mobile devices are a next generation device that make learning more engaging and accessible.

Technology immersion does not diminish the vital role of the teacher. To the contrary, it transforms the teacher from a director of learning to a facilitator of learning. Effective teaching and learning with these devices integrates technology into the curriculum any time, any place.

From August 2014 First Year students will be using iPads in their educational experience.  We have teamed up with Wriggle to support us in this initiative.

wriggle imageToday’s students will be graduating into a world that is very different from the one into which their parents graduated.

Students must be challenged and supported to master content as well as develop the skills often referred to as “21st Century Skills”. These include: creativity and innovation skills, critical thinking and problem solving, strong communication and collaboration skills, technology literacy skills, civic and cross-cultural skills, and the productivity and leadership skills which will enable them to be responsible, self-directed learners and employees.

Wriggle understands the challenges that the education community faces and has developed a 1:1 mobile learning programme that provides one of the tools to help bring about a transformation in the teaching and learning environment.

Adopting a Wriggle mobile learning environment will provide benefits to:

  • Inspiring students with a new learning environment
  • Reaching students of all needs
  • Inclusion
  • Value for money for the school

The days in which the class teacher knew everything are long gone. Our global society is wide, rich and diverse. Nobody can know everything, but we can discover it through appropriate sources online. Technology doesn’t replace the teacher but it gives the teacher and pupil the tools and skills to get the information they need, when they need it, where they need it. The ability to learn independently, think critically and analyse information creates a student culture that will support lifelong learning.

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It’s about the development of skills to enable everyone to adapt to a knowledge-based society and participate in all areas of social and economic life. Lifelong learning is also about acquiring and updating all kinds of abilities, interests, knowledge and qualifications regardless of your age. There should be no limit to what we can learn and no set expectation of whom we may learn new skills from.


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We have moved from less dependence on textbooks since 2013.  We are working closely with other tablet schools to provide teaching resources to our pupils, in many different subjject areas. PDST in Education has filmed Best-Practice videos of several teachers around the country and made them available to other schools to view. Click Here to see these videos.


Further Questions or Queries?

If you require further assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us and ask to speak to Ms. A.M.Ryan (iPad Coordinator) or Ms. O'Brienl (Principal)

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