Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle

CBS Thurles cherishes the academic abilities of all and delivers a broad curriculum which offers a wide range of subjects. We strive to enable each of our students to achieve his academic potential. We encourage each student to be ambitious in relation to the targets he sets for himself and our students work in an atmosphere that is supportive of this aim. CBS Thurles students have a strong sense that their teachers care about their academic progress and want them to do well, regardless of their individual aptitudes and abilities. As a school we offer a highly flexible, student-centred curriculum with maximum options so that each student can tailor her own curriculum to best suit her needs, interests and talents.

Since September 2023, all of our lessons are of one hour’s duration. After an extensive review process that included consultation with students and parents, it has been decided to continue with this structure. The following have been identified as key strengths of this approach:

  • Better depth to the teaching and learning experience in the classroom
  • Improved scope to support student learning in new topics
  • Easier to use a wide variety of teaching methodologies
  • Less time lost during the day do to transitions between classes
  • Less stress for students – easier to plan for a day with six lessons
  • Less complex timetables – easier for new students to navigate and manage lockers etc.

What you can expect

All students who are offered a place will be arranged in classes of mixed ability.

In Second Year students will be set in Higher or Ordinary Level English, Gaeilge and Mathematics classes on the basis of

  • Teacher’s assessment.
  • Tests during First Year.
  • Consultation with Parents.


  • Development of emotional and social growth through Social, Personal and Health Education.
  • Development of physical growth through Physical Education.
  • Development of a critical sense throughout.


The following subjects are compulsory for all students:

Gaeilge, English, Mathematics, Science, History, CSPE (Civic, Social & Political Education), PE, SPHE (Social, Personal and Health Education),

In certain cases an exemption from Irish may be obtained from the Department of Education.

The majority of students study a modern language in the interest of balance and career options. French and German are offered in first year.

First Year students experience a sample of the option subjects below and choose four option subjects after the first term.

The subject specifications for each subject is prescribed by the Department of Education.

Short Courses

As part of our Junior Cycle Curriculum we also offer a range of Short Courses for our students. During First year students can choose one of the following Short Courses

Coding / Digital Media Literacy / Artistic Performance

Methods of Assessment

  • Continuous assessment in each subject throughout the year.
  • Christmas and Summer house examinations followed by school reports.
  • Classroom Based Assessments in Second and Third Year.
  • Junior Cycle Examination at end of Third Year (Mock exams in January/February).


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The school offers a broad curriculum and has recently introduced Home Economics, which is proving a popular option with students and parents. Short courses are offered as part of the new junior cycle, and TY and LCVP are options available to students in senior cycle. A subject sampling programme, which runs in the first term, allows first-year students to experience subjects before deciding on options

WSE-MLL Report DES 2019