Inspection Reports

Date Published     Report Type

10/01/2024Subject Inspection GeographyOpen
22/01/2020Whole School EvaluationOpen
10/05/2018Subject Inspection Science & PhysicsOpen
05/10/2017Subject Inspection EnglishOpen
09/02/2017Follow Through WSE-MLLOpen
19/09/2014Subject Inspection Business Subjects (Business, Economics, Accounting)Open
16/04/2014Subject Inspection GeographyOpen
10/10/2013Subject Inspection GeographyOpen
27/10/2011Subject Inspection Science & Biology & Agricultural ScienceOpen
28/05/2010Subject Inspection HistoryOpen
28/05/2010Subject Inspection Special Educational Needs (SEN)Open
28/05/2010Whole School EvaluationOpen

The Inspectorate carries out inspections in schools and centres for education and reports on these school inspections.

IN 2019 our school had a Whole School Evaluations (WSE), which  complements subject inspections. The WSE has been developed using a partnership approach. It includes pre-evaluation meetings with staff and management, meeting with parents’ association, school and classroom visits, preparation of a draft report, post-inspection meetings with staff and management, finalisation of the WSE report and issue of report to school.  Click on links to read reports over recent yeas